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What is VTOL and What Are Its Advantages

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VTOL or vertical takeoff and landing is a kind of plane that does not use an airstrip to take off or land since it goes up and down vertically as a helicopter does. So, it can take you to your point of origin directly to your point of destination without passing through an airport. This is very much different from taking a regular airplane flight. In a regular flight, you need to travel by car to the airport. Then from one airport, the plane takes you to another airport from which you travel by car again to reach your final destination. With VTOL, the travel time by car is removed and thus makes you save time and fuel in the process. Although mostly used in travel VTOL also has applications in many other areas including rescue operations and military and law enforcement applications.

Here are some of the advantages of VTOL.

As we have mentioned earlier, one advantage of a personal vtol vehicle is saving time and fuel. VTOL can take off and land in many more places than a regular plane that requires an airport can. And the reason is obvious. It does not need a long airstrip for a VTOL to take off and land. So it can take off and land in a small area of vacant land good enough to fit the small VTOL plane. So you don’t have to take the long travel going to an airport. You simply need to go to the nearest site of a VTOL landing area which may not be far from where you live. You save yourself a lot of time and fuel when you take a VTOL plane.

An Airbus vtol plane can achieve more speed and efficiency. And this is because it does not use its wings when taking off and landing. Normally a regular plan experiences drag when taking off especially with its large wings. Furthermore, the friction that the wings experience when it first takes off is great that it produces more drag. And drag increases as the speed increases which results in slower flight while burning more fuel. There is no drag to deal with when VTOL planes take off or land since their wings are not used for this. Their components do not cause additional drag so it allows for a faster and more efficient plane.

During takeoff and landing are the most dangerous parts of a flight. The reason for this is that when the plane rolls on the ground at very high speeds, there is very little margin for error. And any errors at these times will surely create much trouble. When the plane is in high altitudes, then the place is much safer. But with VTOL, they don’t accelerate or decelerate during takeoff or landing, but only when they are up high in the air so there is less risk. You have a safer air journey with VTOL. You can find out more at